Messenger that doesn’t consume a byte of your internet data


We created Speakk for a South African entrepreneur in 2019 and 65,000 people have downloaded the app.

Use Speakk and don’t spend traffic

Speakk is completely free. No cost for download. And you do not pay for the Internet the app consumes, although internet traffic in South Africa costs $100 for a gigabyte. With 1 gigabyte, you won’t even finish a 1-hour movie on YouTube. An hour-long 720p video requires 1,2-2,7 GB of your traffic.

The app owner pays for your traffic

Of course, the data itself isn’t free. Users don’t have to spend a cent because the company works with the 4 major telecom providers and pays them directly.

Nation-wide free data

Whether you are in Capetown downtown, in the country, or in the ocean — the data is still free! As long as you stay within the South African Republic and connected to the mobile network, use Speakk and don’t be afraid of the roaming cost.

Relevant ads

To make Speakk free, the app shows you relevant advertisements.

Phonebook integration

Do your friends have Speakk installed? If so, start chatting with them without taking any additional actions! Speakk automatically integrates your contacts into the app.

Free invitations to install Speakk

If your friends don’t have Speakk yet, invite them. They will receive a message which is free for you to send. They do not pay for traffic for the app download.

Record your messages

The main focus of the app is voice messages, thus the name. Record and listen to data-free voice messages.

Create and use chatbots

We have created an API to integrate chatbots into Speakk. Companies use chatbots as small apps within the app! From the weather forecast to an online store guide - it’s up to you to decide what your bot will do.

Review from client

"It was great working with Fora Soft on our Android application. The team helped us to successfully launch an app from a prototype to a live application with 60000 downloads. Our product manager Nikolay was always available to answer questions and look into any queries we had and kept in contact with us as and when we needed to be in touch. We would highly recommend working with Fora Soft and look forward to doing more work with them in the future."
Howie Sommerfeld · Technologist & Aspiring entrepreneur
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