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& Expertise

We develop products for video surveillance, e-learning, and telemedicine. Augment reality, launch Internet TV platforms, recognize objects on video.

We develop for most modern devices

More than 17 years of multimedia development experience

We're not doing projects outside our focus areas. This is why we know how to do them best. Even experienced developers unfamiliar with the industry peculiarities can waste lots of time and effort picking a multimedia server. And eventually end up going with a wrong one. We know it all inside out and are happy to share.



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Released projects

iOS app
admin panel
Vodeo — movie renting in digital (VOD)
BrainCert— E-learning online platform
iOS app
admin panel

Vodeo — movie renting in digital (VOD)


BrainCert — E-learning online platform


TradeCaster — stock exchange traders community


VALT — video surveillance platform for 2.000 IP cameras


CirrusMED – telemedicine for a private practice in the US


Worldcast Live – HD concert broadcasting to 10 000 viewers with less than a second latency

Internet TV

Smart STB IPTV – Internet TV app

iOS app

UniMerse – PokemonGo for events


ShortKlips – video editor with sharing mode

ProVideoMeeting — online conferencing with e-signature
iOS app
UniMerse – PokemonGo
for events
TradeCaster — stock exchange traders community

Our products


Test WebRTC stream quality with our free Chrome extension tool.


Application for anonymous voice messaging. Developed by Fora Soft.


1-to-1 video calls with no tracking.

Work stages


Our sales managers will familiarize themselves with your project or idea, create user stories, match technologies to your specific needs, and provide an estimated project cost.


The team of analysts will prepare a prototype—clickable layouts for all pages. Essentially, you will see the initial draft of your product. What gets approved at this stage will then proceed to development. Based on the prototype, we assess the timeline and create a project estimate.


At this stage, the black and white prototype gains colors. Now, it's not just a schematic representation but a finalized version of the interface's visual design.

& Testing

A team of developers and testers, led by a project manager, works on developing the product. On average, every two weeks, you'll see an interim result of the work, and every Friday, the manager sends a report detailing what has been accomplished during the week and what is planned for the next.

Launch & Promotion

The team installs the product on your server and assists with getting it approved on App Store and Google Play. Marketers and copywriters handle product promotion, including SEO, ASO, SMM, contextual and targeted advertising, collaboration with bloggers, and PR activities.

Post-launch maintenance

If needed, we'll adapt to changes in browsers and mobile devices, and make minor enhancements as required.

Our clients from all over the world

USA  ·  Canada  ·  UK  ·  France  ·  Argentina  ·  Spain  ·  Norway  ·  Switzerland  ·  Germany  ·  Sweden  ·  Nigeria  ·  Australia   ·  Uganda  ·  Seychelles  ·  UAE  ·  Turkey  ·  Italy

Our partners

We believe in the power of collaboration to deliver exceptional software solutions to our clients. For that, we’re working on building strategic partnerships to offer extra benefits with best pricing.
Leading provider of WebRTC-based solutions
for real-time streaming
Working with us gets you 15% off their license for enhanced live streaming, scalability, and low latency.
Global leader in network video solutions
We have early access to new equipment and technology solutions for smoother implementation for your project, and priority partner support for faster equipment-related hiccups.

How do we determine the cost?

We break down the project into small components and evaluate each one separately.
Request a quote
We have extensive experience, so we know exactly how much time the development of various components will take. We provide estimates based on our data. If we encounter something new, we invite a lead developer.
All the estimates for new projects are personally approved by our CEO, Nikolay. Here is his article on how to accurately calculate time and resources for software development.
We are a team of specialists whose main value is to make things lit
We conduct a rigorous selection of candidates and careful adaptation. The final interview is with the director and only 1 out of 50 gets a job offer.
Fora Soft team
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