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AI Integration and AI-powered Software Development


Object Recognition

We can develop object recognition functionality to detect various objects in videos, such as cars, road signs, traffic lights, and more. For instance, the system can identify areas where parking is not allowed. If a car remains in this zone beyond the designated time, the system will detect the car's license plate number, send a notification to the operator, and issue a fine to the driver automatically.

Anomaly Detection

The AI-powered anomaly detection feature helps identify unusual activities or events that may indicate security threats. We can detect abandoned objects, unauthorized access, or perimeter intrusion in real-time video streams.

Facial Detection and Recognition

We have the capability to develop a feature for detecting faces that can precisely overlay interactive masks and filters on the user's face, similar to the functionalities seen on Instagram or Snapchat. Furthermore, it offers AI-powered image and video processing tools, including beautification retouch presets. Similarly, for security systems, we can integrate facial recognition to identify individuals by accessing a database of known faces. Both of these features can assist in crowd management. We can add AI algorithms that analyze crowd density and movement to ensure public safety in crowded areas or events.

Emotion Recognition Dynamics

As part of facial recognition functionality, we implemented an AI algorithm that analyzes users’ emotions as they browse daily news digest. The system captures snapshots of their face, sending them to a machine learning recognition model. Based on the analysis, it categorizes emotions as happy, neutral, or upset for each article and monitors emotional trends throughout the week.

Additionally, our AI algorithm analyzes users' emotions through their voices. They can record how they feel after reading the article in an audio journal, and the system will analyze the voice recording to determine their emotions.

Fire/Smoke/Intruder Detection

We can also distinguish between various events in videos, such as car/human intrusion, smoke, fire, and more. Our AI algorithms detect these events, outline and label them on the recording, and promptly notify admins about the ongoing situation.

AI Voice Assistant

We create AI assistants that function on screens during interactions, leveraging the Face Detection feature powered by Microsoft Azure AI Face Service. The system detects users and converts their requests into text using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services' Speech-to-Text technology. The response can be an answer to specific user inquiries or even an action. For instance, users can access premises using voice commands, where they state their name and password to the virtual assistant. If the credentials are valid, the doors will open automatically.

GPT-based Assistant

Another type of AI-based assistant we can develop is a GPT-powered one. It can significantly improve data management by generating notes and summaries, transcribing video meetings, and extracting key highlights. Integrating large language models (LLMs) with user data such as company reports, templates, or learning materials enables seamless and rapid access to all essential information. This can be particularly useful for tasks such as creating learning courses or developing curricula for educational institutions.

Learning Course and Curriculum Generation

We develop AI-powered tools for e-learning systems that simplify course creation and curriculum development for schools and colleges. Professors can input specific course goals, objectives, subject focus, and difficulty levels. Then, the system generates a detailed plan for each class and the entire course, including tests and quizzes for students. Professors can then export the course draft in various formats.

Content Generation

There are many third-party tools available for creating content like images or videos. We can easily integrate these services into your software to meet your needs. For instance, users can enhance visual appeal with AI-generated virtual backgrounds. They describe their preferences, generating stunning visuals for a personalized meeting environment.

Notes&Tabs Auto Notation

For the music learning systems we’ve implemented a feature that allows teachers to effortlessly share music sheets with students during live video lessons. By automatically transcribing their playing into notes or tabs, teachers can instantly provide students with visual representations of the music. We also can develop it as a smart scoring feature that allows for real-time assessment of student performance to enhance the learning experience.

Dynamic Playlist Generation

We also developed playlist generation functionality for the DJ pool. Users can request personalized playlists using voice commands to specify genres, BPM, artists, and more. Our AI interprets these requests, sifts through the database, and creates customized playlists, seamlessly blending algorithms with human preferences. The system responds only within a defined context, ensuring accuracy and relevance.

Recommendation Systems

For analytical purposes, we can add an AI component that analyzes user behavior. It segments users and provides personalized recommendations tailored to each user segment, even down to the individual user level. This can be applied in streaming services to analyze viewing history and genre preferences, or in e-learning platforms to track course enrollments, lesson completions, quiz scores, and time spent on various topics.


🏫E-learning – smarter search and automatic grading, enhanced engagement, and personalized learning experiences.
🎥 ️Video conferencing – AI-powered transcription and virtual background generation.
🛡️ ️Security and Surveillance – object recognition, anomalies and unusual behavior detection, face recognition, and crowd management.
🕹 ️Entertainment and Music – playlist generation, personalized music recommendations.
🌟 Customized Apps – Beyond specific industries, we can address your requirements across various sectors. Whether it's healthcare or real estate management, integrating AI enhances adaptability and efficiency.


  • Speech-to-Text Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
  • OpenAI API (ChatGPT, Whisper)
  • Face Detection of Microsoft Azure AI Face Service
  • PyTorch, TensorFlow
  • YOLO
  • Python
  • Text-to-Speech Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
  • LangChain
  • PineCone


We integrate AI into projects across various devices, including native mobile apps for iOS and Android, web platforms, and desktop applications.


Integration of a ready AI service

~ 1 week · $3,200
We can integrate a ready AI service into your system, like Chat GPT, Whisper, Microsoft Azure AI Face Service, Text-to-Speech Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services and others.

Creating a custom AI model

~ from 1 month · $6,400
Creating a custom AI model or developing a complete AI-driven app is a more challenging task that requires individual planning and assessment. Contact us, and we'll discuss your unique requirements.

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