Movie renting is back! Just like the old times.
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Rent digital copies of films and TV shows as a user or upload and lend them as an admin!

Vodeo is an MVP iOS app created for Jesse Janson from Janson Media group. The Jansons have been running their film renting business since 1989.
iOS app
Admin panel

iOS app

Content search by type and genre

Choose either a movie or a show and one of 24 genres. All the movie info on one page: rating, cast, trailer—to make sure you’ll like it.
Adjusting content viewing to your liking
Change volume, pause and start all over again, go to the full-screen mode, or rewind the film. Turn subtitles on and off.

Trending, popular, and featured content

Decide what you want to watch right off the bat! “Trending” movies and shows are the most purchased over the last month. “Popular” offers the most-watched content of all time. “Featured” is the admins’ choice.
Video quality adapts to your connection speed
You don’t have to set the quality on your own. The app switches between 480, 720, and 1080p. The better your connection—the higher quality.

In-app purchase to convert money into tickets

Convert real money into in-app tickets. Spend tickets to rent a movie.
Purchase history
If you forget what films you’ve rented, view your purchase history! From there, check when and what you’ve bought and how much it cost.

Admin panel

Faster movies uploading by dividing them into parts

Uploading a big film in one go takes longer than simultaneous uploading of several smaller fragments. Thus, we use the Amazon S3 server. After sending a few video parts there, the server combines it on its own. It is also cheaper that way!
Edit movie information
Add the title, cast, release year, rating, production country. Add a movie poster and subtitles as a VTT file.

Mark movies or shows as featured

Make any content featured from the admin panel. Featured content appears in a special section on the user’s screen.

Review from client

“Great work! Attentive to details and excellent communication. Highly recommended.”
Jesse Janson · Executive Vice-President for Acquisitions & Development at Janson Media Inc., New Jersey, USA
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