Bellicon smart TV apps

Trampoline workouts with a TV as a personal assistant

Use on Apple tvOS or Android Smart TV

Create custom workout plans tailored to your goals and body characteristics.

530 workout videos

Don’t worry, you won’t get lost! Easily filter videos for muscle groups, training length, additional needs such as workouts for pregnant women or for those with asthma. The workout that is best for you is 5 clicks away. Switch video language between English and German.

Watch any video you like...

Need to watch a certain video from a course you haven’t officially begun or just feel like skipping your current course to the end? Bellicon Home users requested that feature, so here it is!

… Or create your own workout plan

Fill in your weight, height, age, and a desirable goal. Add your fitness level, how much time you’re ready to spend daily, and receive your individual workout plan.

Web-version adapted for cellphones

Bellicon offers a web-version, which makes fitness possible even in the places that don’t provide you with a Smart TV. This version has even more features, such as achievements, feedback, and more! More about project.
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