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Trampoline workouts with a TV as a personal assistant

LMS with 530 videos, goals, ready-made plans, and achievement badges.

Made for a German- and Switzerland-based mini-trampoline manufacturer Bellicon and its 62 000 users.

Create custom workout plans tailored to your goals and body characteristics.

Use on Apple tvOS or Android Smart TV. Create custom workout plans tailored to your goals and body characteristics. Use on Apple tvOS or Android Smart TV.

Video library

530 videos from 28 trainers. Bellicon checks and certifies each trainer. Pick German or English language. Countdown in the corner of the video shows how much you have left.

Workout plans

113 balanced courses to achieve a specific goal: for weight loss and to increase strength, for beginners and pro, and even for moms. Courses are 3 to 50 days, 1 video per day by default — add more if you want. Or unite any videos into your own plan.


Live at a high pace? Filter out short 8-20 minutes workouts. Low, moderate, or high intensity filters are to tailor a physical shape. 18 aims cover everything — from weight loss to training with asthma. Or orient at calories burnt and bounces. Add the best to favorites and repeat. Filter both videos and workout plans.

Daily plan, graphs, and badges

The chosen plan goes into Upcoming videos, with dates when to complete. Once done, any video goes into Completed videos. Set a goal in calories, bounces, or workouts and see a progress graph. Work hard and earn badges: 240 cookies for 30 000 calories or a big kangaroo for 1,5 million bounces.


Each video has a comments section. Users shared their feedback 11 500 times and got answers from trainers. Besides, the forum has a general thread and important topics like bouncing after eating :)


14-days trial plus 2 plans to choose from after. Powered by Stripe and PayPal payment systems. 7000 subscribers in May, 2020.

On your TV

We’ve also developed native apps for TV OS and Android Smart TVs. Put your trampoline in front of a TV, and see tiniest details on the training videos while bouncing. Want a secret? Bellicon top management bounces like that on corporate video meetings, but tsss :) More about project
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