Telemedicine for a private practice in the USA
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All the 1500 practice patients video-chat with doctors there. The practice plans to grow by online-only patients

Personal doctor
by subscription

CirrusMed is not for one-time visits. You find the doctor you trust and stay with him. So subscriptions are for 1 month, 3 months, and a year. One-time visit is rather a trial for newcomers.

Video chat
by appointment

WebRTC-powered video chat is HIPAA-compliant. Works in browser, no software download. Doctor sets his availability, patients pick slots, and meet by video at the agreed time. SMS and email notifications help to not miss it.


No need to schedule for quick questions. Write to your Primary care physician 24/7 on the website. He gets notifications by sms, email, and on the website and answers asap.

Electronic Medical Record

New patients get a “get-to-know-you” video chat. They fill in the EMR together with their doctor. Allergies, past diseases, surgeries, relation to tobacco-alcohol-drugs, family diseases—all structured, on its own tab. Separate tab keeps CirrusMed prescriptions. And vitals are on another one: temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, height and weight. Body mass index calculates by itself. Data is protected and used according to HIPPA.

Orders for tests

If MRI, imaging referral or another lab test is needed, the doctor sends the order right to the testing center. You come and complete it, and the doctor gets the results.

Review from client

A detailed wireframing and user stories are done in a fantastic way and timely fashion. All my requirements are taken care of, and the result is that it greatly facilitated development cost estimation and technology stack analytics. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Polina and Sofia from the team. Highly recommended for all projects large and small!
Christopher Highley · Owner of Preferred Family Medicine, USA
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