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We've developed a telemedicine that 1500 private practice patients in the state of Nevada are now using regularly: The video chat and EMR system are HIPAA compliant safeguarding patient data confidentiality.


AI medical prescriptions and reports generation 📋

We develop an AI-powered tool for generating medical prescriptions and reports. Doctors just need to enter the patient's details and diagnosis, and the system handles the rest. Prescriptions can be sent directly to the pharmacy, and reports can be exported in various formats.

Medical images and tests AI-powered analysis 🔬

We can add an AI-powered computer vision feature to analyze medical images and tests. This helps doctors identify potential diseases early. The AI detects anomalies in the images and highlights them for the doctor.

Medical symptoms monitoring using facial recognition 🩺

We can also implement facial recognition to monitor medical conditions. For example, the AI can check a patient's heart rate during a video call with a doctor. This can be improved with real-time notifications if the patient's condition changes.

AI virtual assistant 👨🏽

We develop an AI-based virtual assistant that can transcribe patient meetings, take notes, and prepare medical reports. It can also provide real-time consultation to the doctor during the meeting or answer patients' questions.

Video chats: HIPAA-compliant 🎥

We use WebRTC for video streaming. No license fees as Google made it open source.

Additionally, there are no significant server costs. Video chats for 2-4 people work well in a peer-to-peer (p2p) mode, without the need for a media server. You don't incur high video traffic costs because it goes directly from one user's computer to another's.

Video chats on a diversity of devices 🎬

Web video chats work on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones in browser. Though it doesn’t happen automatically. Optimization for mobile is a separate task and takes time.

Mobile apps are easier to use though. You just download it once and open in 1 click afterwards. Sounds like no big difference but this comfort may be the reason to prefer your product over competitors. So we develop apps where native mobile app users connect with web app users.
Video recording 🎬
Re-watch any consultation kept in Electronic Medical Records.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) 🗄

It is all the patient information your app gathers. The 3 kinds that we had in all the apps: questionnaires that patients fill, video recordings, and prescriptions. Data is securely kept in cloud.
Scheduling 📆
Doctors set availability for patients to pick from. In a hurry? Jump on a call with an online doctor.

References ⭐️

Patients like to choose by rating and references, as statistics that we tracked on our projects shows. It is convenient to filter the doctors by specialty and sort by rating.
Payment system 💰
Patients can pay before the visit, the doctor gets the money after. Patient raises a dispute if there’s a problem, then admin judges.
Can be post-payment or prepayment without escrow
We implement it the way best suited to your case.
Split payment
A percentage goes to the platform fee, the rest goes to the doctor.
Coupons and discounts
like second visit 10% off.

Remote medical operations 🕹

Not with robotic hands, though, at least not for now :) You can control your colleagues and guide them through the process having access to a stream with all the screens.
Contol the microscope remotely 🔬
Control an electronic microscope at x100 magnification remotely! Move forward and backward on the microscope's specimen slide from a distance. Scan it and create a map of samples. Stay in your local laboratory and view images from the microscope on the other side of the world. To achieve this, we combine WebRTC, Twilio, and FreeSwitch technologies.

Draw on a mic picture in real-time ✍️

Assist your colleagues by drawing in real-time on the image coming from the microscope with a remote system based on WebRTC.


We are developing software for web as well as apps for PCs, tablets, mobile phones, and VR headsets.


We develop custom applications tailored to your needs. Therefore, our process begins with drawing up a plan, designing a clickable prototype, and then providing you with an estimate. Only after this can we give you rough numbers for development — we don't know exact pricing and timelines in advance. However, here are some approximate guidelines:


~ 6 months · $48,000
To give an indication, 1st working version of a telemedicine website with paid video consultations and EMR takes us about 6 calendar months, around USD 48 000.

Custom software pricing

But custom software cost depends heavily on the needs. Take even login. Simply email and password, or Facebook, Gmail, Apple logins as well? Depending on that, login development time may differ by 2-4 times. Imagine how different may complex telemedicine solutions be and therefore cost.

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