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HD concert broadcasting to 10 000 viewers with less than a second latency
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Holding a concert? Stream it live on your website!

The player we developed integrates into a venue’s website. There are many HD video broadcasting solutions for thousands of viewers. But in early 2020 we have not faced any on the Internet that does it with less than 1 second latency.

Sub-second latency

The problem with concert streaming is latency. Latency is the time lag between when something happens in reality and when the viewer sees it on the screen. It reaches 1-2 minutes with RTMP streaming. Not that live, huh? On WLC we reached the 0.4-0.5 seconds latency. You wouldn’t notice it—this is the latency of live calls. To achieve it, we developed a custom solution based on WebRTC and Kurento.

HD audio and video broadcasting

And it broadcasts a high-resolution HD audio. Quality is like you play the song on your PC—bass, everything. Video is HD as well. If the viewer’s internet is poor, quality decreases automatically.

Handles 10 000 viewers

Less than a second latency is commonly for up to 6 people. But perfect quality and no latency is useless if just 6 people can watch the concert. So we scaled the custom WebRTC + Kurento solution to handle 10 000 viewers.


Stream from different angles or add Guest Speakers. 2 pic-in-pic videos add on top of the main stream.

Whitelabel solution—stream one concert into 20 websites

The player we developed integrates into websites as a Wordpress plugin. It’s Multiple Venue Streaming (MVS). Integrate the player into 20 websites—and viewers will watch the live stream on all 20 simultaneously in sync. Concerts and festivals like Miami carnival broadcast live on their websites. But it’s not just for concerts: a church in the US delivers services this way every Wednesday.

On mobile

Unimerse app displays live broadcasts with a mobile version of the player. Both apps are a part of the Worldcast Live app family we work on.

Review from client

“Fora Soft specialists always looked for the best solution for any task and delivered a stable and scalable solution.”
Peter Lewis · CEO at Worldcast Live Inc, Brooklyn, New York, USA
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