Franchise Record Pool

Licensed content library for DJs
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Tracks in the service

Sony Music, Virgin Records, Universal, and other less famous music producers upload tracks to Franchise Record Pool - FRP. DJs download them and mix. Web, iOS, Android, and desktop apps. FRP unites 12 000 DJs.

720 000 tracks
250 000 original tracks and 470 000 versions are in the FRP database.
Desktop app

Works on PC, web, iOS and Android

FRP is an online platform with a large database of tracks. DJs use SPINS, a desktop application, to download music from FRP. Using the SPINS iOS and Android apps, they remotely add tracks to the set queue and interact with fans.
Online platform
iOS app

Original or remix in 2 clicks

In FRP each track has all the versions attached: original song, intro/outro, and remixes. Just type the song name in the search bar — and see them all. Filter the results to see only one of the three types.

BPM and key in front of track names

DJs see if the track suits at a glance. No need to download nor listen to. Having glanced at the beats per minute number, they know if the track is too slow or fast for their mix. And the key shows if it matches the pitch.


FRP checks proof documents for music ownership. The tracks are automatically compared to the FRP base: there must be no match. The melody itself is recognized and compared, not just a name. Only then they sign a contract for music distribution and upload tracks. DJs pay a monthly subscription, and music owners get payments.

SPINS downloader drops tracks right to Serato

We also developed a desktop downloader for FRP called SPINS. It is a small dashboard to search and download tracks. Serato is a virtual DJ panel where they make mixes. Place SPINS on top of Serato — and drag and drop tracks to mix right away.

iOS and Android apps

Fans can request their favorites and chat with DJs. DJs can chat with each other. And control their SPINS remotely. Tap Download and the track goes straight to SPINS and to DJ’s PC
App for DJs
App for fans

Music recognition

DJ clicks Microphone when at the club, and the app recognizes the track using Serato. The music owner can keep track of how many times their track is played and collect statistical data.
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