When virtual schools feel like physical ones

Give lectures as a teacher, manage a school as a principal, or attend classes as a student

We developed Tabsera for an entrepreneur from Somaliland, an African country. The biggest Somaliland mobile operator, Telesom, has helped launch the latest version. As of mid-2020, 1 physical school uses the platform. National TV channel Eryal TV made an overview of Tabsera.

Join an online school from anywhere in the world

Enter a school as long as the school is open, or join a private school if a principal invites you to one. Attend classes taught by in-school or invited teachers in English, French, Arabic, and Turkish.

Access the platform from a computer or a cellphone

Join lessons on the go using your phone! The web version design is adapted for a small screen.

Video and text chat

6 lesson attendants (2 on the phone) see each other in a video chat, while others communicate via a text or voice chat. The guy who hasn’t completed his homework will not get away with murder :)

Up to 300 class attendants

A normal lecture with video hosts up to 32 people and six of them have a video available. For broadcast, where only the teacher has the video, and the rest only use audio chat, the number of participants goes up to 300.


Upload your certificates and competencies

Upload CVs, achievements, and certificates to your profile. Spice it up with your bio and skills, and don’t forget to mention how much money you’re charging for an hour!

Create quizzes

Before the lesson, prepare quizzes. You will see the list of tests when the lesson is over. Give one to your students to see how attentively they have been listening to you!

Use a whiteboard to write, draw, move objects, attach extra materials

Use the virtual whiteboard as if it were a physical one. However, unlike a physical classroom, on Tabsera it’s possible to attach videos, audios, quizzes, and even games to the whiteboard.

The games are integrated into the platform from the Tabsera’s partner game developer. Obtain them from the built-in marketplace and add some fun to your lessons!

Withdraw your money

Any work should be rewarded! Withdraw money from your wallet if you have $5 or more. Tabsera works with PayPal and Waafi.


Attend classes as a school student

If your physical school has enabled Tabsera, you are eligible to join it from home. Join another school if it is open or if the principal has invited you.

Study as a private student

Whether you have joined a school or not, you can still attend private classes or lectures with out-of-school teachers.

School principal

Create and edit schools

The main feature that a principal account has is creating a school. Write its description, upload a business license. You can edit the data later.

Create programs and courses

Principals create courses and programs — sets of courses. Then they assign teachers, enroll students, set a price and write a description.

Create school accounts for students and teachers

You have complete control over teachers and students. As a principal, you can manually create and delete their accounts. Invite a guest teacher and set up a contract expiration date. You can also prolong a contract.


Manage your children’s accounts

Create or edit your kids’ profiles. You can change every piece of data, even their passwords.

Enroll your kids in lessons

Choose what lessons your children will be attending. Navigate through the list or get a direct link. Parents also pay for the lessons or the materials from the marketplace.


Publish extra materials for classes to Tabsera

Remember those books, quizzes, games, videos, and audios that a teacher can integrate into the lesson? Publishers add them to the platform. Set up a price, a commission, sell single items or in bundles.

Review from client

"ForaSoft Team are a very professional outsourcing company. They have a talented business analysis team which build your product with you. A very professional company and really supportive at the time of need."
Ahmed Ali · CEO & Founder at Tabsera
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