A sincere social video network for iOS

What YouTube would’ve been if it were created today

Ali from Vancouver has approached us with his idea of video social media. No filters, no masks. Just a pure feed with exclusive videos as-is. Ali had worked with many different companies before turning to Fora Soft. We became his last stop on the way to release.

Record a video and scroll the feed

Open TapeReal, click a button and you’re filming! Pause, stop, upload. When you’re done, your video will appear in others’ news feed along with other videos from their friends and suggestions.

Invite your friends to the app with an SMS

Got somebody with whom you’d love to create a video, but that friend doesn’t have the app? Choose anyone from your contact list. The person receives an SMS with a download link.

Buy a subscription or stay as a free user

Buy a subscription to place your videos higher in the feed.

Monetize your content

Sell your recordings for coins immediately after uploading them! Set your own price. Convert coins into money and get it via Apple Pay.

The screen is protected from recording

Don’t be afraid that somebody might steal your exclusive content. Not a single TapeReal video can be recorded using screen capture functionality.

Share your video on social media

Let the world know how creative you are! Send your videos to Twitter or Facebook. Create a video CV and send it to your LinkedIn page with as few clicks as 2!

Review from client

"The team treated the project like their own. They wanted to see the client succeed."
Ali Shah · TapeReal CEO & Founder from Vancouver
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