Customizable LMS with a whiteboard. It’s like a real classboard but better.
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Triple Bronze at the Brandon Hall Technology Award — right after Ericsson, SAP and Dell :)

World's first WebRTC powered HTML5 Virtual Classroom. They came to us as a startup with an idea. And we brought this LMS $10 million a year revenue, according to

Interactive whiteboard

Whiteboard gives teachers the freedom of a regular class board: write, draw shapes, pin images or even YouTube videos. And lines are so smooth your handwriting will be recognizable.

Video Communication

Chat by full HD video (1920 × 1080), audio, and text. No plugin installation needed. Media servers with 40 cores and modern technologies like WebRTC make video and audio streams smooth and stable.

Wolfram Alpha integration

Calculator meets dictionary on the whiteboard. Solve equations and insert detailed articles for any word, object or person — with definitions and images.

Custom branding

Rebrand the LMS with your logo, color scheme, even domain.

Polls and quizzes

Assess how well students learned your lesson — or evaluate employees. Tests and quizzes with open-ended or closed questions work inside the whiteboard.

Lesson recording

Watch any lesson as many times as needed or attend the missed class. Video, chat history, all materials, and the whiteboard are recorded, so you won’t miss anything.

Document sharing

Upload any document and present it to your audience. Pdf, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Bonus: use any whiteboard tool on it — draw, build shapes, etc.

Screen sharing

Share the whole screen or a single app only.

Equation and formulas editor

Transform vague keyboard-typed one-line math equations into a reader-friendly view with LaTeX tool. For example, it produces images of complex equations where symbols stand above and below the fractional line as needed.

Code editor

There’s a window with code writing style for all major programming languages.

Mobile and PC friendly

The LMS works on iOS and Android devices as well as Windows and MacOS.

Review from client

“I have been working with Fora Soft for the last 2 years. Their work is outstanding in every aspect. From designing the technical architecture to programming, they do it all for us and I would never even consider using another company. Our latest feature update to current project has exceeded my expectations once again. Thank you team Fora Soft.”
Yasin Rahim · CEO of Braincert Inc, Washington, D.C., the USA
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