A true meeting multitool
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Video conferencing for business

Online meetings with several attendees. Switch modes to meet the changing needs of your meeting. No installation required.

Join a video chat with the internet or by dialing a number

If your connection isn’t stable or you just can’t join an online meeting, dial a meeting number, as if you were calling someone on the phone. The calls are processed to the indicated phone numbers by the SIP server. It works both ways—dial a participant from a meeting.

Legal digital signatures

ProVideoMeeting’s USP is a signature system that fully obeys the U.S. laws. If there’s a document that needs to be signed ASAP, do it inside the platform during the meeting. The app uses the latest version of digital signature software and ironclad 12-AES encryption. Add date, name, initials, or any text. Place the text field anywhere in the document to do so. You can also add initials and a signature as an uploaded image.

Snap shot or SMS verification of the sign

To confirm that it was you who actually signed the doc, you will be asked to verify your identity via a photo or an SMS. This is what makes doc signing in ProVideoMeeting official.

View signing history

Every document saves logs on who’s signed what. The log keeps track of pictures if the signer has chosen a snapshot as a way to confirm their identity.

Use a vanity room for a constant meeting

Open and close your vanity room, see people come and go. It might be useful for salesmen or those who are on a never-ending lookout for meetings. Schedule next meetings you wait for the host.

Customize your room and account

Set up the interface and your profile as you like it. Select the mode—dark or light, add your company’s logo to the meeting room. Customize links, for instance:

High speed thanks to WebRTC & HTML5

Picture quality automatically stays in sync with the connection quality. It goes up and down with regards to how good your internet is. HD is guaranteed on good internet!

Advanced participant roles

Not only a Host or a Guest, but also a Сo-host! The Сo-host manages the meeting as a Host whenever the actual Host leaves the room. The Host can also delegate some possibilities to the Co-host.

Join pre-created recurring meetings

Need a room for a stand-up every morning? ProVideoMeeting has those. The room opens regularly whenever you set it up.

Google and Outlook calendar integration

Meetings sync with your Google and Outlook calendars. If you edit or delete the meeting in the calendar, the same will happen to the meeting in the platform. Create meetings right from your calendar.

Review from client

“Don't hesitate... Hire Fora-Soft today! Nikolay and his team are outstanding professionals who are not only extremely honest, competent, thoughtful and responsive, they consistently deliver on time and as expected according to specifications. The company is well run and they have very good hiring practices so the whole team contributes to their excellent track record. We have several large and ongoing projects with Fora Soft and couldn't be happier. This company has a great reputation for a reason.—They earned it.”
Douglas Poirier · NoviNexus, Inc., President, San Diego, California
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