Anime Power FX

Say Hai to new heroes

Creators of SuperPower FX present

Focus your «Chi» and blow up everything with your newfound powers! Shoot how you spin a tornado, blast a tsunami or a leaf storm — America is not the only one hero rich :)

Anime-inspired visual effects

22 unique and creative energy blasts and explosions. Born from Japanese respect to elements and nature. 1 free, others as in-app purchase.

Fine tune for cool videos

Shoot. Move the effect on top of the video. Watch. Adjust. Perfect!

Exclusive tracks & sounds

Explosive sound effects plus epic music and you starring. That’s the jaw-dropping recipe :)


Share via Instagram, Facebook, FB Messenger, YouTube, and Email. Because ninjas don’t have to hide in the dark these days.

Review from client

"I believe this development team has a lot of potential to be the top, most dependable app developers on elance. They have very responsive project managers and customer support, and have worked with me closely on many of my ideas. I trust them with my work, and they have been very understanding of the many challenging circumstances that we face during development cycles. I highly recommend this group of talented individuals."
Joseph Riquelme ·  Hayward, California, United States
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