DSI Drones

Drone video surveillance system for a land

Observe territories by drones’ eyes — for your lands control or military purposes

Break each territory into zones and assign a drone to each. Place a Control Tower in the middle of each territory. Have operators in any other place — watching video streams from any drone in any zone of any territory in a web app.

Video and audio streaming by TV and radio frequencies

Each drone observes its own zone of the territory. The territories are so big, the Wi-Fi signal doesn’t cover them. You can operate the drone flying far but can’t watch its video by Wi-Fi. Though TV towers cover whole cities like Eiffel Tower covers the whole of Paris. So we send video and audio from drones by TV and radio frequencies through TV transmitters. Signals come to the field computer-retranslator on Control Tower of that territory.

Video and audio digitization

Computers do not understand TV and radio signals. So we set a TV tuner. Signals come there and get digitized. This computer-readable video and audio go to the general Control Center.

Operators watch and interpret the videos

In the Control Center, video and audio go to a web interface. Human operators watch it for threats in real-time and take preventive actions.

Multichannel observation gives full control

Watch videos from drones — track two or more alerts at the same time. Observe all the Towers and drones moving in real-time on the map. Monitor the drone battery levels and weather conditions in the right column. Or do all this at the same time: the screen adjusts to the number of windows.

Video recognition

We integrated a third-party video recognition solution. If a drone detects a suspicious object, it sends an alarm signal to operators.

Instant notifications of threats

The alarm immediately shows up in the Control Center. When operators get a signal, they push the «Start track» button. If the operator hides an alarm, the drone continues to track a potential threat. If that threat is confirmed, the operator gets a notification again.

Alarms log

Operators see the history of detected threats. Filter by type of detected object or a date range. The system stores video and photo data of all alarms. Stay safe!
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