iOS app to make meme videos

Watch meme videos and remake them in your own image to get thousands of views!

Vladimir from Moscow, creative director and founder, wants everyone to try themselves as film directors. We made an MVP iOS app for you to film and cut short clips in a few steps.

Generate videos out of templates and your recordings

Record your part, paste it in a suggested meme video template, follow visual instructions on a screen, and become a TikTok star in two clicks! You don’t need to think of what music fits your video best — audio track overlays automatically.

Share your videos on Instagram and TikTok

Surprise your friends and followers on TikTok and Instagram with the funny video made on Hitr. Trust us, sexy John Travolta and the ageless hit of Rick Astley will make them dance and burble with laughter.

Stats on number of shares

See how many people have joined the trend with your favorite clip. A counter gathers statistics on shares and reports it to the app.

Review from client

"100% satisfied with Fora Soft. It’s not the first time working with the company. Reached the goal in the exact time frame as usual. The ones you can definitely rely on. Many thanks."
Vladimir Rybnikov · CEO hitr.app, Creative agency LLC
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