Virtual school that defeats firewalls

Is one-on-one tutor too expensive? Share the fee!

Join a group video class with a whiteboard that has any tool you may need. Even from the UAE.

Learn alone or in group

Sometimes both you and your friend do not quite understand the same topic. Sometimes, half-a-class doesn’t get it :)

Book one class for all — and each pays less. Pick a date and time — and offer to all top teachers. Or choose a teacher first.

Learn anywhere

Some countries have firewalls and bans interfering online calls and webinar sessions. Our team of professionals made it possible for people from countries like South Africa or UAE getting calls with tutors. We used WebRTC and Kurento to get around the existing bans.

Book and see courses in iOS and Android apps

The classroom works in browser on mobile (in-app classroom coming soon). Learn comfy, even on the go.

Feature-rich whiteboard

Write, draw shapes, paint, use math formulas. Upload pdf files for everyone to see — and even write on top. Open as many separate whiteboard tabs for each class as you need.

All studying materials are saved

After the lesson, download a class file. It is any uploaded pdfs plus a pdf image of the whiteboard. Watch a session recording.

Review from client

"Professional Team, working with highest standards. They are problem solvers and solution finders. It’s been more than 2 years we are doing work together. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for talented developers and a well organized team."
Wassim Ibrahim · Senoir Project Manager at Instaclass
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