One of the first and most famous video surveillance software - web interface rework

It replaced one of the first video surveillance applications

Netcam Studio replaced older, one of the first video surveillance applications — WebcamXP (est. 2003). Used to be on the list of IP camera software on Wikipedia. We reworked its web interface in 2013.

Analysis, planning, wireframe

We created a clickable mockup of the new interface from the ground, using:

Graphic design

Next, we wrapped the schematic wireframe into a beautiful look & feel. Before: outdated, a bit angular and overloaded — WindowsXP-looking. After: light and classic — looks modern even now.


And bang! Enjoy all the cool functions of WebcamXP, in a new, modern, intuitive and beautiful Netcam Studio web interface. Responsive: looks equally good on laptops, tablets, and phones.
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