Internet TV application

How it works

How to get 3000+ live channels on your TV? A Swiss entrepreneur buys subscriptions to Portals (packs of TV channels). Then pre-installs this IPTV system on Set-Top-Boxes, adds the Portals, and sells — mostly to local national minority communities.

Live TV channels

3000 is not enough? Subscribe to any Portal and add it yourself. Simply paste a link in settings. Navigate in this channel sea easily with Picture-in-Picture. The channel you watch shrinks into a small window showing the TV guide and everything else.


Record any channel for your home video collection - now or on schedule. Set the recording time, and leave the STB on. It will wake up from sleep mode and record on time. Forgot to set record? Rewind up to 12 hours back on channels which support the time shift.

Movies, Series, Radio

Look through your favorite categories, filter, watch trailers or use direct search. Get recommendations on similar films. Feel secured and use pin code to enter the adult mode. Close any channel, movie, or series. Adult content is closed by default.

Review from client

“We believe that this company deserves to be among the best development services. Their commitment to human development while saving a reasonable price for clients is impressive. Seems like not only we but also a great number of their customers loved working with Forasoft specialists. They always deliver the highest quality product and work. Speaking about the developers and project managers this company hires REAL PROFESSIONALS. For these reasons, we give them the highest grade! 5 STARS! Big Thanks to Vadim, Natalya, Evgeniia AND MY MAGIC TEAM”
Fahima Abid Bouhadouza · Partner and Manager at Smart STB Sàrl, Genève
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