Video chat interpretations for hospitals and police

US hospitals and the traffic police talk to foreigners and the deaf through VIS

Our precious long-liver :) If they can be any happier, they’d definitely be — if VIS ordered a new look & feel, as we keep recommending… :) Jokes aside, wholeheartedly proud to be a part of this big thing since 2011. Technologies grow and change, WebRTC replaces Flash — we remain together.

Before: time limit

Interpreters had to reach hospitals by foot. Someone could have died by their arrival 
(hopefully not).

After: connect in no time

“Interpreters at your fingertips” is the new slogan. A couple of seconds for a few clicks - and a certified translator says “hello”.

Before: workforce limit

Interpreters must have lived in the city where the hospital is. There could be none in a small town.

After: world is the limit

How many Americans are certified translators to… Belarusian? Compare to the number Belarusians speaking fluent English. Now interpreters translate from home, frequently from the home country. Their number has 
grown in times - to 700+, as well as the number of languages - to 169, including American Sign Language.

Before: benefit & revenue limit

Therefore, the hospitals were not getting enough quality service - and the company wasn’t getting potential revenue.

After: benefit & profit increased

Price per interpretation reduced following costs. Number of interpretations per day rocketed, increasing profit. Company signed up interpreters of different specializations, not just medical. Traffic police started solving foreigner cases right in the car.
Secure interpretations by video & phone
HIPAA compliant encrypted calls by both video chat and PSTN. WebRTC meets SIP
Automatic fair charge & payment
Pay and get paid for the time connected to the system. Calculated, charged from clients and paid to interpreters automatically.
Quality assurance & administration
Administrators connect to the calls and check quality. For police, officers at the station connect to in-car interpretations.

Review from client

"If you need a programmer, this company is the one! No fear. They do what they say they are going to do. I would certainly work with Fora Soft again in the future."
James Mitchell Parker · Baraboo, Wisconsin, the USA
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