Firstly, we created ChillChat as a multiplayer game with a 2D pixel-art editor and global text and voice chats. Users could create their personal spaces and collectibles, swap items, and hang out with friends. 

Next, we added blockchain, NFTs, and Web 3.0 technology and turned this mobile game into a web app.

We started using blockchain in 2013 by adding Bitcoin to a chat app. Even with that experience, making ChillChat was challenging and very exciting.

Developing a pixel-art multiplayer game

2D pixel-art editor
Users can design their avatars and personal spaces ("rooms") to chat and hang out with friends
ChillChat room and items

When we started developing ChillChat, we built a flexible 2D pixel-art editor. With it, users could design their avatars and personal spaces ("rooms") to chat and hang out with friends. They could also create furniture, decorations, various clothing items and exchange them using internal currency.

Global text chat
Text chat system selectively displays messages from characters visible on a user's screen
ChillChat global text chat

We engineered a global text chat feature to support the expansive open world efficiently and accommodate a large user base. This chat system selectively displays and processes messages from characters visible on a user's screen, specifically those aligned with the user's in-game perspective. This approach minimizes server load and ensures stable system performance.

Global voice chat
Using a global voice chat, players can communicate solely with nearby individuals
ChillChat global voice chat

Alongside the text chat feature, we introduced a global voice chat system with a similar perspective-based restriction. This means players can communicate solely with nearby individuals, whether they're within their area of interest or neighboring locations. This lessens server strain and enhances the immersive gaming experience.

NFT integration and transition to web

NFT integration
Users can create, trade, and exchange NFT assets similar to standard in-game items
ChillChat NFTs

Furthermore, we pioneered a service for seamless NFT integration, streamlining the NFT purchase and preparation process. As not all NFTs initially matched the game's aesthetics, we customized their animations and optimized them for stable operation within the open world.

Users were empowered to log into the app using NFT wallets housing their avatars. Furthermore, they could create, trade, and exchange NFT assets similar to standard in-game items.

Choosing a game engine: Phaser or Godot
Choosing a game engine: Phaser or Godot
Phaser VS Godot

Initially, the 2D game was developed using the Phaser game engine, chosen for its ability to deploy across multiple platforms, including mobile devices, the web, and desktops. However, as the project advanced, the client's requirements expanded to include:

  • supporting a large open world with HD textures
  • accommodating thousands of simultaneous online users with global voice and text chat

It became evident that Phaser was not up to the task.

So we sought a more versatile solution that could integrate components of the mobile app within a web browser. The Godot game engine emerged as the ideal alternative. With Godot, developers could construct a vast virtual world and implement common scenarios supported across both mobile devices and the web.

ChillChat Now

ChillChat has become one of our most thrilling projects to date.

From the ground up, we've developed a robust 2D pixel-art editor and global chats for smooth communication. We also leaped into the future by integrating NFTs and blockchain into ChillChat while others still experimented with the technology.

Following the successful integration of NFT functionality, the client secured an impressive $8.35 million in investment for further advancement and expansion of ChillChat.

Now ChillChat has decided to take another step forward and try its hand at game development as a full-fledged game studio.

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