Our copywriter Nikita talked to Naseem, the CEO & Founder of MobyTap, a video review platform. On MobyTap, businesses can show how much they love their customers, and how much their customers love them back. Naseem came to us in 2016, and after 5 years of cooperation, he definitely has something to tell us!

Was Fora Soft your first choice?

Amazingly it was Vadim (the Sales Head at Fora Soft) who found me. I was on an online auction platform; I had lots of offers, and I chose my company. But when Vadim approached me, I was like, okay, let’s chat. His personality and everything he did was professional. I thought ‘even though we’ve done the contract with somebody else, why not.’ He asked me to give Fora Soft an opportunity, and I did. And that’s where the ball got rolling.

So, it was Vadim who swooped in and won you with his personality, right?

Yeah, he’s shown me some examples of the work you’ve done, I was really impressed with that.

Share any before and after working with us?

It was my 1st time developing an app. I’ve been in the recycling business for the past 15 years. So when the idea came to me, I thought recycling and video apps are worlds apart. But since my customers love what we do, that’s the easiest way to get feedback and reviews. And I thought, yeah, make an app. Sounds simple, but when you get into it, you realize that it’s not as simple.

Can you share any measurable figures, such as revenue, number of crashes, etc?

Not many crashes. It’s just been a continuous improvement. So all we’ve been doing is improving the app, making it better. And your team is fabulous. It was all about communication, and getting my message to you. You guys made life very easy, and that’s what the business is about. It took a couple of years but the job was well done, compared to the other company I had used. I literally had to cancel them and let you do the whole app.

«Hands down, you guys know what you’re doing. »

Those guys took a lot of time and messed up. And you guys clearly showed that you’re professional in what you do. It makes me very happy.

Thank you for your kind words. Were there any difficulties while working with us?

The only difficulty was the technology wasn’t there, so we were doing things that were 4-5 years ahead. Things that Google was catching up with. We got stuck where we needed to make it simpler for the users to input the domain name of any company in the world. If you’re doing a review, the app would find where you’re located and find the local business you’re reviewing. Nobody in the world had done that. And Google, just that year, had finished their SDK for Android. We were stuck for 4-5 months. How do we get the whole world’s domain names into the app? Then the idea came. Well, Google’s doing an SDK, could we use it? And then your team said, “We could do it”. Several months of work are saved.

«You guys literally saved me a fortune by coming up with an idea of how to get the whole world’s domain names into the app.»

And it works today! Because of you, guys.

Can you rate us in terms of professionalism, communication, and dedication?

Not even thinking about the score. It’s 10/10 straight up.

Do you have anything else to add?

The best thing with Fora Soft is aftercare.

«You’ve raised the bar so high now, I expect it from every company. »

The aftercare was so great, and the communication was amazing, it blew me away. Even in the UK here, in England, we don’t get that aftercare.

You guys looked after me and literally held my hand. Any issues that arose, you fixed them instantly, it’s like waving a magic wand. You don\t get that much in the tech world.

You’ve proved that you can find a good company online that will do what you want with your budget. If you got a small budget or a high budget, you’ve managed it perfectly. I think it’s been 5 years now.

So, if somebody needs a video app, I instantly think of you and pass them your number and details.

Thank you very much! Even though recycling and video apps are, as you said, worlds apart, we do wish you all the best.

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