We were happy to participate in the recently published GoodFirms research project exploring the Challenges, Tips, and the Future of App Development Software Market.

GoodFirms created an in-depth guide for app development, considering methodologies with Agile, user-centric design, and AI's role. The research supplies helpful recommendations, conducts a deep dive into current challenges related to app development, and provides a perspective on the future software market of app development.

At Fora Soft, we were glad to share our experiences with the development, hosting, and deployment of top-notch apps.

We were especially invested in discussing the future of app development, specifically the pros and cons of integrating AI into the development process.

We expressed our belief that AI will help the developers more and more, speeding up development.

You can read more about our insights and the full research findings here.

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About GoodFirms

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