We did some research on how different businesses can benefit from using Apple Vision Pro for their software products. Drawing on our expertise in video and multimedia applications, we examined the integration of Apple Vision Pro with:

  • video conferencing and text chat systems
  • music streaming platforms
  • video surveillance systems
  • educational platforms
  • telemedicine systems
  • Internet TV
  • virtual and augmented reality apps

Here are our findings.

What apps can be developed for Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro apps work for lots of different industries and purposes. If you already have an iOS app, you can tweak it to work with Apple Vision Pro using regular iOS development tools.

If you're thinking of making a new Apple Vision app, it fits in easily with any industry. Whether it's healthcare, education, entertainment, or anything else, the Vision framework lets you make innovative experiences.

Video Conferencing Systems and Text Chats

For video conferencing systems and text chats, we offer seamless integration of all standard functionalities along with the development of additional features:

  • Gesture Recognition to enable quick replies. E.g., a user showing a thumbs-up gesture can trigger the sending of a smiley face or a sticker to the text chat.
  • Multi-Window Mode. Users can open additional screens for notes and drawings, and even a voting window for other call participants.
  • AI-Generated Environments. We can add unique AI-generated backgrounds to create immersive environments that help users stay focused on the conference without being distracted by their surroundings.
Users can open additional screens for notes and drawings, and even a voting window for other call participants
Multi-Window Mode
Music Education Streaming Platforms

For music education streaming platforms, we offer specialized features to make learning better:

  • Real-Time Visual Displays. We show music chords, accompaniments, and lyrics live during online lessons. This helps students learn and play music better.
  • Integration with Music Services. We integrate with popular music services and platforms like Spotify or Apple Music. Users can share playlists and songs seamlessly, fostering musical inspiration and collaboration.
Video Surveillance Systems

For video surveillance systems, we offer integration of all standard features with Apple Vision Pro:

  • Visualization and Control. Users can see video streams from IP cameras and control them remotely using Pan-Tilt-Zoom, creating presets, and setting recording parameters. Users can also view archive recordings for comprehensive monitoring. 
  • Object and Incident Recognition. We implement advanced object recognition algorithms to recognize objects, people, and license plates in real-time. Immediate notifications are sent to the operator in case of incidents, ensuring prompt response and action.
  • Video Editing and Annotation. Users can edit videos and add notes and timestamps for studying and analyzing later.
Educational Systems

Integrating educational systems with Apple Vision presents a multitude of interactive features to enhance the user experience of your product. We can add the following functionality:

  • Virtual Whiteboard. We can implement a virtual whiteboard for collaborative learning and content creation. Users can edit learning materials, and add videos, math formulas, and interactive elements like 3D models for enhanced interactivity and engagement.
  • Interactive Learning Materials. Students can manipulate 3D models, adjusting their shape and size to deepen understanding.
  • Virtual Field Trips and Labs. Students can participate in virtual field trips and lab experiences and interact with virtual objects and environments.
  • Interactive Tests and Quizzes. Students can answer questions using gestures or facial expressions. 
Telemedicine Systems

For telemedicine systems, we can augment online physician consultations with the following features:

  • Medication Record Keeping and Management. We enable users to manage their medication records effectively. Users can attach virtual notes to real-world locations where medications are stored. Additionally, they can record recommendations for each medication to stick to the doctor's instructions.
  • AI-Powered Analysis of Medical Tests and Scans. We implement advanced AI algorithms to analyze medical tests and scans. This feature provides users with accurate interpretations and insights, aiding physicians in diagnosis and treatment planning. 
Users can attach virtual notes to real-world locations where medications are stored
Medication Record Keeping and Management
Internet TV

For Internet TV applications, leveraging Apple Vision with Smart TV apps and online movie theaters can elevate the viewing experience. We specialize in enhancing TV apps with the following features:

  • Pop-Up Interactive Elements. Provide viewers with contextual information while watching content. This includes details about characters, actors, locations, and music used in the show, with links to Spotify or Apple Music.
  • Voice Control and Command Recognition. We implement support for voice commands, allowing users to navigate the app and search for content effortlessly using voice control. 
  • Multi-Window Mode for Live Streaming. Enable users to customize their viewing experience during live streams by offering a multi-window mode. This allows viewers to select views from different cameras or watch from multiple angles simultaneously, ensuring they don't miss any important moments.
Provide viewers with contextual information while watching content
Pop-Up Interactive Elements

We can port existing apps or build any AR/VR application for Apple Vision from the ground up. Here's how we can enhance your AR/VR app:

  • Space and Object Scanning. Utilize the iPhone's capabilities to scan spaces or objects, generating 3D models from the captured images. This feature enables users to create immersive environments and interact with digital representations of real-world objects.
  • AR Model Visualization. Implement AR functionality for visualizing models and designs in real-world settings. For example, users can visualize interior designs or virtually try on clothes and accessories, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • Real-Time Navigation Labels. Enhance navigation in unfamiliar places with real-time labels and hints. Users can easily navigate airports, shopping malls, or streets using augmented reality cues, improving their overall navigation experience.
  • Virtual Fitness and Yoga Workouts. Offer virtual fitness or yoga workouts with smart cues and feedback. Users can engage in interactive workouts with real-time guidance, ensuring proper form and technique for a more effective and engaging exercise session.
Users can engage in interactive workouts with real-time guidance
Virtual Fitness and Yoga Workouts

What technologies do we use for development at Apple Vision Pro?

We choose our development tools based on whether apps use 3D scenes or not.

Window Mode and Volume Mode apps
3D scenes in Vision Pro apps

For apps without 3D scenes (Window Mode app), we use usual tools like Swift, SwiftUI, XCode, just like regular native iOS apps.

For apps with 3D scenes (Volume Mode app), we use special tools along with the usual ones to meet specific needs.

  • ARKit: This framework adds virtual objects into the real world, superimposing them onto the camera image, matching the lighting and real things around the object
  • RealityKit: With RealityKit, users can interact with the environment through gestures, while developers can implement complex animations, and effects, and simulate the physical behavior of objects within the application.
  • Vision: The Vision framework facilitates the recognition of faces, objects, text, and more

Additionally, we can utilize Reality Composer Pro and Unity to add and manipulate 3D models. We also can integrate ready-made 3D objects seamlessly into the application.

Our development process adheres strictly to Apple guidelines (Human Interface Guidelines), ensuring that your app meets all Apple requirements for App Store submission.

Timelines and estimates

  • For applications without using 3D objects (Window Mode) – from 1 week and costs starting at $3,200
  • For applications with simple display of 3D objects (Volume Mode) – from 1 month and costs starting at $6,400

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