At Fora Soft, following the world’s best practices, we strongly believe that the analytics stage is essential for launching a successful product—software or an app that meets users’ needs and benefits the business.

In this article, you will learn what Primary Analytics is, how the process goes, and what differentiates it from Comprehensive Analytics. We’ll also determine specific factors that will help you make an informative decision about which of the 2 suits better for your project.

Primary Analytics vs Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive Analytics is the best practice

Analytics is the first step in the development process that allows us to analyze the market, determine users’ pain points, document system functionality, and create wireframes that sharpen the future product’s image. This is a comprehensive process with many stages and peculiarities that gets you:

  • a wireframe—a clickable prototype of the future product, it looks like this. You are free to use it / it can be helpful to use when you’re looking for getting investments.
  • a user stories file— a detailed description of what each user can do in the system, for example,
  • an estimation of the time and effort required to develop the product.

That profound approach may take a significant amount of time. It might be a couple of weeks as the starting point and depending on the scope of work for the project.

Primary Analytics is a free quick estimation

If you don’t have much time for analytics and you need a rough estimation of product development as soon as possible, Primary Analytics is the solution.

You will get a prospect of your future product and a rough estimation for it within 4 to 7 days, completely free.

Primary Analytics as a Basis for Comprehensive Analytics

To define Primary Analytics flow, we’ll compare it to our usual Comprehensive Analytics flow and highlight the differences.

Primary Analytics vs Comprehensive Analytics

Primary Analytics vs Comprehensive Analytics

Primary Analytics produces results in a short time and makes a good basis for further Comprehensive Analytics saving lots of time. With Primary Analytics done, we can take off fast since we’ve already determined and described the system, the user flow, and all the key functionalities and have put them in order of priority.

What benefits do you get with Primary Analytics?

It’s a time and money saver

A strong advantage of Primary Analytics is that it can save both time and money. By having early estimations, you can plan the project’s economics from the start. This will help you decide whether to reduce or expand functionality scope and make informed decisions when prioritizing tasks.

Primary analytics takes up to 20 hours. This means that we can deliver the documented functionality of a future product along with rough time and effort estimation for further Comprehensive Analytics and product development in less than a week.

It speeds up product launch

By saving time with Primary Analytics, you can launch your product sooner. Trends in the market change rapidly, so being an early bird and entering the market first is crucial for gaining a competitive edge. Though it may seem that Primary Analytics and product launch are far away from each other, in fact, if the process is focused and streamlined from the very beginning, it becomes a basis for well-planned and speedy development.

It helps to make faster decisions

Seeing the full picture without getting distracted by details allows us to prioritize features effectively. It is also beneficial for Comprehensive analytics, as it mainly concentrates on detalization of the 1st priority features and communicates them into wireframes.

It enhances communication

In addition, Primary Analytics allows both clients and analysts to get to know each other and establish effective communication. Moving forward with an analyst who is already familiar with the product concept and business goals results in smoother processes in the later stages of analytics and development.

The Bottom Line

The introduction of Primary Analytics at Fora Soft has proven to be a game-changer for our clients. By offering a rapid and focused approach to the initial stage of product development, we provide significant benefits and advantages—more specifically, saving you time and money.

We understand that time is of the essence for our clients. Contact us for a free Primary Analytics service, where you get

  • to obtain a prospect of your future product
  • a rough estimation within a week.

In addition, you can compare our estimations with those of other companies’ developers. We are confident that our estimates will stand out, as they are based on our profound expertise and industry knowledge.

If you are unsure whether this flow is right for you or have any remaining questions, we are happy to provide further details and recommendations. We prioritize equipping our clients with the information they need to achieve their product development goals.
Contact us to schedule a call and discuss your project.

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