Incorporated in 2005, Fora Soft develops e-learning, telemedicine, and video surveillance software. They augment reality, launch Internet TV, identify objects on video, and do not build anything else.

What is Fora Soft: narrow specialization in video and multimedia software since the very beginning

From multimedia avatar-based text chats, they proceeded to video communication. They were pioneers there when a few accomplished videos were the future. Fora Soft developed the 1st video chat for the most comprehensive social network in Russia, – when even Facebook didn’t think of video chatting. The team was operating with Cirrus and Stratus technologies back then which are not in use currently. That chat named Webca was trendy, with more than 1 million users.

Fora Soft entered the international market in 2010 with a video review project for the Healthcare for a U.S. entrepreneur. Since then, they’ve been operating on all things multimedia. Imagine thousands of people utilizing your video program, and you can even protect a human’s life which is a fantastic feeling.

Fora Soft is a one-stop shop where people receive services of a complete software development cycle. Customers do not have to explore different contractors to develop their web, mobile, and desktop applications. The team helps customers with everything from graphic design to programming.

The GoodFirms team interacts with Nikolay Sapunov, the CEO of Fora Soft to know more about the company and its services. Nikolay mentions that “As a CEO, I’m accountable for strategic planning and coordinating all the departments. I also carry out all final job interviews before we send an offer”.

How Fora Soft started

Talking about the company’s inception idea, Nikolay says that it started with a passion for computers and technologies and not a wish to earn. “As a child, I fantasized about a laptop and was delighted when I bought one from the first salary at a plant where I worked during my school years in the summer. Since that time, I started learning how to administrate it, then how to code”.

Nikolay started as a .NET software developer and then started organizing project teams as a Project manager. “While still studying at university, my friend and I started offering software development services. In 2005 we developed the first multimedia chat – a cartoon world where you pick a character, walk, and text chat with whoever you meet. From that moment, we start counting Fora Soft history”.

In 2010 Fora Soft entered an international market with the first order from the US: they supported an entrepreneur transform his business online. He used to send interpreters to hospitals on foot when a patient did not speak English. There were a few dozens interpreters in one city in Wisconsin. Fora Soft developed a video chat for him, and he started employing interpreters from all over the world. Now his business has 740 delegates serving 670 doctor offices.

Fora Soft now: among the leaders in mobile and web development on Goodfirms

Fora Soft’s experts design apps for mobile devices by using extensive experience in video apps gained over 16 years. They ensure comprehensive compliance with iOS and Android guidelines so that your users will encounter the quality they expect.

Before plunging into the advancement of your app, business analysts and project managers will devise a detailed engineering plan. This ensures that your app will adhere to your exact needs, budget, and desired timeframe.

Thus, delivering the pixel-precise product customers envisioned and ensuring it aligns and complies with the highest standards of all the leading digital stores endows Fora Soft to lead as one of the preeminent mobile app development service providers at GoodFirms.

The review obtained at GoodFirms reflects the potential of developers at Fora Soft.

Nikolay mentions that the value of portraying business on the Internet is indisputable. Yet, the appearance itself doesn’t guarantee anything. We help to gain success with a clear plan, best practices, and the most advanced technology.

As a top web development company, Fora Soft has the ability to meet the customer needs of any industry. They are a multifaceted business solutions provider and are proud to serve clients from a vast range of industry verticals.

Thus, aligning your business goals with relevant technology, timeline, and budget endows Fora Soft to lead as one of the flourishing website development companies at GoodFirms.

The review given by Anastasia to GoodFirms proves the quality of service offerings rendered by Fora Soft.

In conclusion, Nikolay mentions that they embrace change. “In the industry in which we create a vital part, change occurs every day. We work with small and functional teams for each component of the processes, which react with an expedition to the changes happening in the industry”.

Moreover, he mentions that Fora Soft trusts employees with insight into the organization’s direction and delegates them with the power to make decisions. Mistakes are necessary for this process. But unless you make mistakes, you never discover.

Lastly, Nikolas shares that Fora Soft’s vision is to become a synonym of video and multimedia software development worldwide. If someone thinks that a video or multimedia application is required, then Fora Soft should be the first name to come to mind.

Thus, having read the summarized narration from Nikolay’s interview, one can also go through the interview published at GoodFirms.

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